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I offer two methods of delivery, both at very competitive prices!


I will supply the number of CDs you have specified for each voice-part.

Price:    £8 per CD    (for a 2-CD work the price will be £12)


I will supply one CD of each voice-part together with a license for you to make the number of copies you have specified.  I will also supply a track-list for you to print.

Price:    £5 per copy    (for a 2-CD work the price will be £7)

This is, I believe a unique service and represents a considerable saving for you.  It is now easy for many of you to produce CDs - why not spread the load around the choir?


1 - 4 single CDs:  £2.00

Orders over 4 CDs, or bulk orders in the Do-It-Yourself option:  Post Free.

If you require a work that is not listed in my Catalogue, I will be happy to prepare it for you.  Charges for this service will vary according to the length and complexity of the score.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

If you are doing a concert with a selection of short items, I can create CDs of your entire programme.  If the pieces are not listed, I may need to make a charge.


To place an order, or to discuss your requirements, please email me at: info@choirpractice.co.uk or call 0121-243-6783.  I'll be happy to help!

I would ask you to respect the time and effort that goes in to making these tracks, not to mention my need for a small income!  Please do not make copies of the CDs, other than those specified in the DIY scheme, or pass them on to other choirs when you have finished with them.

Please note that all copyright works are fully licensed with the MCPS.