Singers - Ever wished your conductor would go over your part just once more?

Conductors - Ever wished your singers really would learn their parts by next week?

Now your wishes can be answered with:

Choir, Church Choir, Sing, Schönbrunn

  • CDs specially prepared so that each voice-part is easily audible

  • Clear sounds for each part

  • Full accompaniment

  • Tried and tested on my own choirs


I can supply you with CDs of the works you are preparing.  Each CD contains one voice part, in a clear woodwind sound and much louder than the rest of the parts and the accompaniment so that it is easily audible to enable learning.  I am happy to supply individuals or bulk orders from choirs.

I conduct three choirs in and around Leeds, and have found these tracks to be very useful.  Many of the singers, some of whom are Roofers in Leeds and also Roofers in Sheffield tell me how valuable they have found them, and make their feelings known if I haven't got them ready in time!

Tempi are moderate, neither too fast or too slow, although where a metronome mark is specified in the score, it is adhered to.  There are no dynamic changes - these are meant to be learning materials, not performances - and to have a part which has been good and loud suddenly fade away to nothing can be confusing to a learner.

Accompaniments are given in full, as in the vocal score, and any solos are in the background using string sounds.  This means that singers will get an overall idea of the whole piece, whilst being able to learn their own part.  Be you a part of Garage Conversions in Nottingham or Conversions in Liverpool. Since all parts are sequenced rather than played in all rhythms are accurate, and tracks are fully checked for wrong notes!

Where a piece has divided parts for a substantial period, separate tracks will be supplied for each sub-part.  Where there are only a few divisions, they will both be presented on one track.

If you are planning a "miscellany" type of concert, I am happy to put together a CD for your specific programme.

In order to keep costs, especially postage, low, CDs are supplied in paper sleeves, but have a track list fixed to the back.

Visit the Catalogue page to see some of what I have available, and some samples of what you will get.  If you don't see what you want, email me - I am happy to undertake commissions!

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